Come Learn “Old School” Street-Proven Baguazhang

Including Chinese Taoist Principles Plus Internal Health

This is a time-limited offer to join Shifu John Painter’s Private Video Library featuring Li family Baguazhang training for health and self protection. The Library contains detailed lessons and instructions based on Li family who were Chinese Baobiao (bodyguards) in Sichuan Province.

The Video Library includes over 150 instructional videos on Baguazhang including weapons such as Bagua Saber and Bagua Cane. There is also a section on Meditation, Yiquan and Taoist philosophy, Xinfu Dao (acceptance of the way).

As a special feature there is a section on Urban Survival a lecture on staying safe in the real world and much more. We are adding more lessons to the Video Library monthly.

This is a no-nonsense approach to original “old school” Chinese internal martial arts not modern tournament forms. The instruction from  Shifu John Painter with over 60+ years training is realistic and practical, devoid of mysticism or fantasy techniques.

Get In On The Beginning

Be a part of the most complete realistic Baguazhang learning experience.

We guarantee you cannot find this level of practical instruction anywhere else online.

The Jiulong Baguazhang University is an ongoing project and will continue to add new lessons taken from the training and teaching of Dr. John Painter’s workshops and seminars plus special never before seen footage recorded just for the University, all arranged in easy-to-follow sequential lessons.

If you want practical real-world methods then Jiulong Baguazhang University is for you!

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